Huffington Post Article Local Search Engine Optimization Guide

This search engine optimization guide is written specifically for the market area of Long Island New York by our expert local SEO company.

The term Local SEO refers to activities to generate website traffic from within a particular geographic area of which the chosen business obtains customers. The Long Island market area poses unique challenges due to its non-concentric layout. Most suburban areas surrounding major metropolitan cities are shaped in a circular radius from the center point of a major city such as Los Angeles. However, while New York City is the major metropolitan city of which Long Island is its suburbs, it is not located within a circular radius of NYC. Rather the Long Island market is shaped like a horizontal line heading east from New York. Additionally, there are not many major cities within the island. Instead Long Island has groups of towns and hamlets, which are often referred to with common slang terms such as ; the “five towns” (Nassau County

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